The Primavera Sound Foundation offers an expert workshop in the Vitamina Program

" We all have our limiting beliefs ": comments the director of Fundació Primavera Sound during her conversation with Vitamina Group

On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, the Vitamin Program invited our director Cristina Pujol to participate in a workshop on women’s leadership and the implementation of social projects. The session, aimed at the Third Axis of the Vitamin Group in Santa Coloma de Gramenet and led by the UN Charter of Peace Foundation, aimed to encourage young people in the group to lead their social projects.

The Primavera Sound Foundation was born in October 2021 with the intention of guaranteeing a return to the territory, especially that which benefits young people, taking education and cultural dissemination as a basis, with a vocation for social transformation and with special emphasis on music as the main tool for personal and socio-community development.

Vitamin is the program of ethical leadership and social transformation com- mitted to young people from neighborhood groups marked by exclusion so that they become an engine of social change in their environment. This is a group experiential training in emotional and social skills aimed at young people between 13 and 17 years old with the aim that through this safe space for their personal development they become positive referents and lead processes of transformation. social.

The z builds peace by proposing responses to social conflicts and develo- ping opportunities to strengthen peaceful coexistence between individuals and communities. Founded in 2002 in Barcelona, it has the Vitamina pro- gram as its mainstay.

From the two Foundations we are exploring synergies to take advantage of our coincidences in the work of the values of the youth and his incidence in the te- rritory, either in our implantation in the Barcelonès as in the recent landing of the entity and Primavera Sound in Chile, joining forces in achieving the UN Sus- tainable Development Goals, in particular the number 4 on quality education; number 5 working on Gender Equality; number 10, relating to the reduction of inequalities; on the 16th, on Peaceful and Just Societies; and the 17th, which alludes to the Alliances to achieve the SDGs.