Our purpose, as an independent and transparent entity, is to promote social and intercultural cohesion, social, cultural and economic inclusion, as well as the dissemination and popularisation of culture through education or other means that can generate opportunities in the social, economic, cultural, artistic and personal growth spheres.


Music is never just music. It is also the expression of a time and a place; it is a cohesive energy and a shared language that can bring worlds together. Nor are music festivals ever just music festivals. They are also a witness of the present, a result of their environment and an opportunity to encourage inspiration and, therefore, also social transformation.

Fundació Primavera Sound is to a large extent the practical demonstration of all these ideas, which the festival has always wanted to take beyond the theoretical level. In this sense, Primavera Sound has been committed for over 20 years not only to live music, but also to the values that can be transmitted thanks to the status and visibility of an event that every year is able to bring together, in Barcelona, more than 6,000 workers, more than 200,000 attendees of different generations from all over the world and the whole city that hosts it.

As announced in June 2021, Primavera Sound has decided to venture outside the boundaries of the Parc del Fòrum and the dates on which the festival takes place by setting up the Primavera Sound Foundation. An initiative that responds to the question of what Primavera Sound can do for Barcelona rather than what can Barcelona do for Primavera Sound, with the intention of extending its scope to the events organised by the Primavera Sound Universe. 

Fundació Primavera Sound is the definitive integration of the festival and the whole universe that orbits around it (Labels, RPS, Pro…) into the cultural fabric of the city, forming part of the urban reality that hosts it and influencing it by meeting the needs of the different groups and the different areas directly or indirectly involved in Primavera Sound.

Some of the solidarity actions of the Primavera Sound universe, as well as several corporate social responsibility actions, which until now did not have the necessary structure or visibility, are now going to be extended, strengthened and integrated into the Fundació Primavera Sound.

Because music and music festivals, when they are involved and oriented towards social return, are more than music and more than music festivals.