Promoting social cohesion and inclusion, interculturalism and equality: this is the main objective of Fundació Primavera Sound. With education and cultural dissemination as a basis, the Foundation aims to influence the fields of culture, art, social equity, and personal growth initially in the areas closest to Parc del Fòrum.


At Fundació Primavera Sound we believe in the transformative power of music and we want many more young people to have the opportunity to benefit from its capacity for integration and transformation, both personally and socially.

We work so that young people, particularly those at risk of social exclusion, understand and identify creative references and have new opportunities.

Awaken talent or an interest in music.

Consolidate personal autonomy.

Contribute to society in more ways than just economically and transmit that this is possible.

We want to channel the transformative power of music and music education through a variety of channels:

To bring music to a wider audience.

To support young people who wish to explore new ways of relating to music, both personally and collectively.

Allocate resources, both educational, material and economic, so that the new generations can identify, design and plan a project that uses music to transform or benefit their neighbourhood or direct environment (produce a concert, a music video, a radio programme...). In this way, interest in music is awakened, a relationship of networking and coexistence is created with the environment in which they develop; and the autonomy of the participants is consolidated

The Fundación develops 2 lines of action to contribute to social projects

  • Networked Projects
  • Our projects


Projects involving collaboration within the framework of an existing educational project in areas at risk of social exclusion.

Promoting equity and quality of learning.

To improve pupils' skills and competences through music.

Awakening creativity for personal and social development.

The best way to do this is undoubtedly by networking and collaborating with other entities which are already established in the field in order to improve the existing social fabric, help generate new opportunities and reach more young people.


From the Foundation we encourage and give tools to the youngsters to carry out an act of service to the community that helps them to apply and consolidate their training in knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences, awakening their talent and using it for the common good. The materialisation of the "IMPULSO PROJECT" will be carried out by means of the:

Dynamization of groups of young people who design, develop and plan a project that transforms their personal aspects, their neighbourhood and their environment.

Scholarships for young people with limited financial resources to study music.